Please read the following comments that have been made about contents of this website:

Doris Sammut Bonnici:
"When are we going to practise real democracy?
The constitution must change to accomodate Malta becoming just one district and a quota is created for all candidates from whatever village or town, and representing whichever existing or new party, or own principles. Only in this direct proportional representation will the new rising parties and politicians have a chance of reaching parliament. Only in this manner will there be a real democracy.
What we have now, a well protected two party system, shall bring the governing party on its knees, anytime by just one member of parliament. This is not healthy democracy. Open up, think outside the box, be innovative. This country can be heaven on earth. God has blessed it with its strategic position, and its industrious people. Let us breath.......and take on life..... we do not have to be like everybody else. We can be unique in being different. It is up to us to decide."

André Farrugia:
"Regarding the Direct bus to and from Hospital: Everyone wants it, should there be one they still will use their cars to go there !!! survey this !!! maltese to lazy to use the buses"

Louise Bruno:
"Thanks for the surveys i love them for once i feel like im being heard and my vote does reflect on something in malta, but one question have your results ever being used as a voice for the public of malta. Have these results being used in parliament as a reference as to what the maltese people really want. i would like to suggest something maybe when you show previous results you could actually show how many people actually voted on line maybe last month only 5,000 people voted and this month 7,000, it would be good to see the results of the amount of people taking part.
Thanks and regards."

Carmel Calleja:
"One of the best prime ministers that has been praised by other foreign prime ministers for his involvement in Malta affairs especially where humanity has reached at the top level during the present event.
Good luck and good health our prim minister Laurence Gonzi."

Fabian Brincat Sen.:
"One has to consider if a person REALLY is in need of the stipend and that this stipend is used as intended, i.e. for education and not to buy a car or some other unrelated educational matter.
FURTHERMORE, ALL STIPENDS SHOULD BE PAID BACK. The person receiving a stipend should be bound to pay the stipend back within a reasonable time AFTER  getting a proper job."

"Very good budget but still there are electricity and water bils to rise so is not good when you consider next year bills"

Charles P. Cilia:

"A budget that managed to direct monies where most needed, it seems that quite a lot of thoughts has gone into its making.
In my opinion the party in opposition had no immediate counter credible answers to it. This was evident by the first reactions and comments of Dr. Muscat when he refused questions by the media. To me he looked like somebody who has not yet recovered from a massive unexpected blow to the head."

Beryl Micallef:
"I think that energy saving incentives should start from the government itself. Let's face it, who has about 8,000euros to spend on photovoltaic panels to provide solar energy for their homes, and who has the space to fix one on their roof considering the small apartments that are being built.
Instead of spending money to arrange the powerstation to meet the required levels of pollution in the air, I think that the government should spend those money in making a wind turbine farm on the bare land (xaghri), where greenery is sparce but can still grow and these area are in places where winds have impact all year round.
When farmers and other people ask at mepa about what is required to apply for making a wind turbine in their fields to generate the required energy because they know of the what strength the winds are, the answer is we don't know! So how can the people take incentives for providing solar energy.
The first step should be from the government to use our natural resources which are the wind and sun and reduce the demand on oil and petroleum from other countries."

Anthony Schembri Adami:
"I also wish to show my utter disgust of our constitution based on the British 'DIVIDE ET IMPERA'. First of all the people choose Parlament members; therefor it is only they who should choose the leaders of the House and not the members of resrective parties."

Mario P. Galea:
"This budget gives us comfort in that the Government can be sensible in the face of the current crisis which after all had seriously upset the original plans for our economy.  I was expecting worse in the circumstances.  I am sure that in general this daring budget will place the country ahead in a year's time.  This budget does what one should do in a crisis, be bold and not defensive, help around and not panic.  The deficit is worrying and I can't wait to see it coming down.  It's all right as a temporary state of affairs but I sincerely hope that the Government is determined to bring it down fast rather than rely on the current crisis as a justification for having it high.  If it persists we will be in breach of the fundamental Maastricht criteria which would damage our economy long term.  I trust that this is the prime consideration for the Government and not solutions at all costs. "

Dr. George Debono:
"3 suggested subjects for surveys.
1) Are you in favour of land-cased wind energy  in Malta ?
2) Do you ever read politicians columns in our newspapers?
3) Do you think bus drivers who drive buses which emit black smoke should be fined on the spot?"

Carmelo Grima:
"Re:  Bridge between Malta & Gozo
In my opinion we should not make surveys on this subject. All we can do is very simple... make a referendum because this is a serious matter especially to Gozitans. The MEPA made a short report in the Gozo Plan, without saying how much it costs. I want to know how much it costs.
It is very easy to conclude your intentions by saying the surveys are telling so and so.
A detailed report have to be written by experts on this subject only, and not a few paragraphs in the Gozo Plan.

Peter Paul Bonnici:
"Yes,  Tourism will be effected by illegal immigration.
NOT because of the way we treat the immigrants but because of the way they are seen to loiter about in groups.....  the Triton's Fountain in Valletta..... totally surrounded by immigrants.
(Oh and by the way.... last I saw it, the fountain was filthy)"

Victor Sammut:
"Build the Opera House / Multi-Cultural Centre for the Arts / parking spaces in Old Royal Opera House site.
Architect Renzo Piano can build Parliament Building in Freedom Square as he is of the opinion of being against wide spaces in Valletta."

Tanja Van Poucke:
"When the government believes in the fact that the building industry has to continue because of tourism ......then It probably also still believes in Santa Clause!
What a joke!The tourists are not returning anymore because of the huge construction works , they came to Gozo and Malta for the beauty of nature, the peace of Gozo , the simple way of living without the stress.....and what do they get????Noise, pollution and the view of cranes ....
Congratulations to those who have 'tourism' industry in their hands(are pockets....????)"

Joseph Mizzi:
"I would suggest this question for a survey:
Do you think Hondoq ir-Rummien should be developed with a five star hotel catering for 170 beds, approximately 25 Self Catering Villas, 60 Self Catering Units and 200 Multi-Ownership Residences or transformedinto a natural park?"

Rita Caruana:
"My opinion is that the strikers are uncontrollable and Malta cannot accept such an attitude. The majority did not vote for these people to rule the country in this unsociaable way. they are sickening and they must accept the fact that gone are the days that they can bully the country. How would other modern countries control this situation? I hate violence but I am sure tear gas would calm them down and the police would be able to carry out their duties and clear the roads just as they were before the strikers took control of the country! Enough is enough!"

Keith Goodlip:
"The first poll "Strike I" is a bit misleading. I think it should be made clearer.  Although I support the strike it does not mean that I condone the violence."

"A note on the public transport strike:
I understand that people have different opinions and with every decision taken (in this case whether to liberalise or not) people are effected differently. I personally respect everyone's opinion and agree that whatever the opinion it has a right to be voiced and be heard.
This time though, i felt that the opinion was voiced in quite a harsh way, with no interest whatsoever in other people's needs or emergencies. The transport driver's have every right to strike but please understand that other people need to go to work and perform other duties. Not everybody likes being busked in the sun in a traffic jam because some mini buses/buses/taxis decided to block the road.
What really annoyed me is that although police where present everywhere scattered around the whole island, they were looking helplessly at them besides obviously directing traffic and showing alternative roads towards the desired destination (not to mention the long hours they were called in for duty). I would have been more pleased were they allowed to tow away the vehicles or impeding them from being left in the middle of our roads in the first place. More so, i don't know why the Armed Forces of Malta, weren't called in to help.
Whatever the outcome of this strike, i hope that next time round, striking individuals are more prudent and are able to drive a point home to the authorities in a more decent and humanistic manner without taking the law in their hands."

Monica Farrugia:
"If anyone should rise a question, it should be why are some employees within the same grade within the government enjoy different conditions ? And why is it that not all clerks have the same steps for increament, just because they did not do the exam entry of the same year !! And why is it that the Government prefers to give a contract to a company who is employing clerks who fulfil clerical duties as much as a full time Senior Clerk, but the difference is that the mentioned clerk is only paid Lm1.50 an hour, but in the same time the Government is paying the contract company for the service of the same clerk much more. So why don't the Government employ the clerk on 1st hand? And why is it that the Government accepts people with different grades, normally higher than a clerk, doing the job of a clerk, thus paying much more for the service of a clerical job and in the same time he is still lacking the grades mentioned before."

Jelena Bezzina:

"I think you should add to your poll that illegal(irregular) immigrants should be investigated for 6 months (as is the rule) in order to research their status in their respective countries and if proven to be genuine refugees, they should be allowed to either stay in Malta or move on to another country....or else if no proof found sent back to their country of origin."

Isabelle Caruana:
"Adressing the problem of illegal immigrants:
What about issuing a passport immediately and sending illegal immigrants to a european country with the adequate provisions of food and other necessary items.  The government would not be turning it’s back on these poor people but would be shouldering part of the responsibility together with other EU countries….as this is a problem that concerns all the european countries. I think that other EU countries should not stay sitting pretty as many of them are doing but should help us out in this economic and social problem that
Malta is facing.  If our geographic position within the Mediterranean is posing a problem and exposing us to an influx of illegal immigrants, larger than the country can handle, than I feel that other EU countries should come to the rescue.  The fact that we are a very small island with quite a large population ratio, should be always taken into consideration when certain decisions are taken. At the same time we have to keep in mind that these are human beings too, and we should respect them and protect them as we would if they were our own children."

lfred Camilleri:
(answering the question "What should happen to the irregular immigrants?")
"1. On arrival they should be given all humanitarian help.
2. Their requests for asylum should be processed without delay.
3. Within a stipulated time frame (say 6 to 12 months) they should:
        a. be given migrant status, if they so qualify;
        b. otherwise, be sent to other E.U countries on a per capita basis.
If, the E.U. cintinues to pay lip service only they should be deported to the country from whence their voyage to Europe started."

John Micallef:

"Hi, It would be interesting to start a survey, once all this election fever vanishes, about racism in Malta. I mean, obviously not involving black people only. How does the average Maltese look at boat people? How does the average Maltese look at a refugee-to-be? How does the average Maltese look at an Eastern European girl? etc. Thanks."

Martin Borg Coppini:
"I agree with Mr. Attard and Mr. Pace. We killed the tourism by letting rich mean figures investing in hotels. That was the first wrong step. Their minds will only think how to save money and not how to make money. I personally used to work in the tourism industry. As a worker I used to feel very proud working there because anything that the tourist asked for was there. If not, we had to create it at the cost of the hotel. But alas….an important maltese figure took over because the foreign company wasn’t doing very well during its last years….and now when you walk in this hotel….like Mr Pace said…..how about a change of the people ? Never give a licence to a kid to drive the car, and so the hoteliers…don’t give them licence unless it’s up to standard."

James Borg:
"I am a regular participant to your on-line polls and would like to add my opinion in comments page:
I have to agree that when it comes to new projects PN is the best, Air Port Terminal, Valletta Water Front, Valletta and Mdina rehabilitations, Mater Dei, New roads etc etc. BUT when it comes to maintenance they are the worst. Why for example a road must be in a complete miserable state before it is given any attention…and then of course because it is in such a bad state it has to be redone completely = million project. Why is there no ‘maintenance on time’ policy…a stitch in time saves nine says the proverb.

As for comments re today’s lifestyle, of course it is better but we are paying a high price for it. Gone are the days when a wife can stay home to take care of children, gone are the days for large families, and the result is weak families with no backbone resulting in loads of separations, annulments and soon divorce. I say soon divorce because at this rate we will soon have as much separated couples as normal married ones and hence those in favor of divorce will be higher and higher.”

Doris Sammut:
"I just saw the list of prospective new small parties.  Isn’t it about time that we go for real democracy and have a voting and election system that portrays PPR  (pure proportional representation).  We’ll have to do away with the districts division, and just have a list of candidates representing a table of principles and beliefs, a planned program, and where acceptable, a party.  The vote shall have three favorites only.  The quota shall be worked out on the total available number of valid voters, and the total available seats.  Maybe then we can do away with the fanatic party campaigning, and clean out the system from rooted corruption in whichever party. It will be just like cutting the middleman from the retail sales system.  Deal direct."

Simon Scerri:
"Unbelievable how all these people speak here, are they barefoot, I don’t think so, just negative they see. And the good around us, impossible no one sees this, if it is as they say they would be begging in streets and not be in this comfortable lifestyle. With whom do you think youre joking ,its only yourselves. It’s true not everything is heaven but difference from old days to these present days shows and how it shows with modern technology, schools, airport, hospital, environment, freedom of buying, freedom of speech, computers, internet, education and we don’t stop mentioning cause there is more. People have chose PN for this change which we see till this present day. It’s Black on White. Things cant be done by magic, they need sacrifices and support from all.
People open your mind cause many of our goods can be lost cause of hard headed people."

Michael J. Attard:
"The problems of energy, CO2 emissions and general pollution are top issues all over Europe. These topics even dominated a whole EU summit which lead to a great agenda for the coming decades. European poilicians are aware of the environmental problems which have been created by our civilisation, and which can be solved by us, too. But Maltese politicians (speaking about members of parliament specifically) seem to ignore them. Because of its size our nation could tackle these problems in a much easier way than other bigger countries. We Mltese and Gozitans have the potential to show the world how it can be done! But our politicians just show the world how it cannot be done. I will never vote again for any of our actual MPs!"

Victor Galea (AD General Secretary and Spokesman for Gozo):
"Political Freedom
Citizens believe themselves to be free; that on Election Day they exercise their right to vote for whomever they truly want, but in reality, this is often far from the case. Many are enslaved by fears of the past; fears which critically condition the way they think about the present. Like tiny spiders, these fears creep into the corners of their mind, weaving cobwebs, influencing the way they perceive the present. But enslavement to the past may otherwise manifest itself: some are enslaved by loyalties to ancestors, who always voted 'yellow' and therefore feel that by voting likewise, they somehow redeem their forefathers' debt.
By living the present political scenario through the ghosts of the past, they annihilate any sign of life from the political possibilities of the present. Worse again, others still opt to sell their political freedom to 'the devil' himself. I refer to those unable to freely vote because they have made expedient pacts in return for political favours from people in power, favours they know in the depth of their souls they had no right to in the first place. In selling their souls to 'the devil', they have sold their freedom; the freedom to vote according to their conscience for the common good of society. They have sold their loyalties for their own immediate personal interests and in turn, cursed the good of the nation. I still yearn for the Maltese and Gozitans to recover their true political sovereignty and vote according to the real common good of society: free from oppressive enslavement to the past and that of their personal interests."

Charles Brincat:
"Although we need a radical change the PN will win the election because Dr Gonzi has an asset (Dr Sant)."

Tonio Sant:
"Both government and opposition are too far away from the people. Their concern is how to please the various lobbyists best. Builders, hunters, unions, they dominate politics! What a shame!"

Joanna Brincat:
"I am tired of the eurovision discussions. Every year the same old story. The festival needs serious changes if we want to succeed again. There are so many good singers and songs, but why are we made to choose those with party support only?"

Fritz Landers:
"I couldn't believe it. Out of two weeks holidays in a farmhouse, we were without electricity for four days! You guys have serious problems!"

Wish Well:
"Are we Maltese in favour or against local enforcement in general?
Would help to know what the people think about the subject."

Dr. Joan Ribi:
"In this election, the candidates running as independents may be more important than `more of the same`.  Most likely their votes will come out of PN.
We know enough on the people who compose the three  parties. Its the independents who will provide alternatives. This is why they are interesting.
Of course in Malta people vote as they always did, like voting for one`s favourite football club because it  has been dad`s favourite club.  How many citizens can make a value judgent on the state of environment and impact on our health ? Even if they knew what they should know but don`t, they would still vote for same party out of habit not out of conviction.
This is why it is important to inform on independents. These will be voted for because a change is wanted and not out of the `football club`syndrome."

"They (PN and MLP) did not care a fig, that there are voters who are of different opinion and the way big two  plan the changes is meant only for their benefit. They want the votes casted in their favour to be used in the best propontional system and not  any votes for them  wasted, but it would not matter if a couple of thousands votes going to any third party is thrown straightaway in the dustbin.
These voters for them are not maltese and gozitan  citizens who have every right to the freedom of expression and also the right to give their vote whom they ever fancy or maybe in their opinion deserves their support.
Such a move is a treachary to the essence of democracy and both parties should be ashamed of themselves. The governability question is something being used to their advantage, even if in doing so they are depriving the maltese electoral of the right  to vote as he feels better.
Well done for your initiative to give the maltese people a chance of expressing themselves even on such very sensitive issues.
Maybe you can do a poll  and ask whether the changes proposed in the electoral law is being done to detriment of common factor in every democracy, the liberty of every voter to express himself the way he see things. Why should such votes be rubbished and forsaken by the big parties?"

Arleen Barlow:
"It's about time the Maltese people were given the chance to have a referendum on whether bird hunting/trapping should be stopped altogether in Malta. The trouble is there are too many people relying on the hunters votes to keep them in government for this to ever happen. When will someone have the guts to ask the people what they want, by giving them their say in a referendum. THE ANSWER IS NEVER!!!!!!!"

Jacqui Cassar:

"What kind of example are we setting to our children when we do not fight for their rights!!??!!
What kind of prime minister allows the proposal to be replaced by some moneymaking scheme?  Instead of protecting the children of tomorrow.  Do you know how many children are being abused or being taken advantage of as you read this???  100's but as long as you don't see it - I suppose you can also pretend it doesn't happen!
Wake -up Malta & Gozo and do the right thing fight for those who do not have a voice! Your children."

Odette Longo:

"SHOULD the Maltese Divorce Laws be changed and harmonised with EU Legislation ... my reply would havebeen an emphatic YES. 
Yes..... because I believe in the basic human right of every citizen to have a choice.  I am a believer in the "family unit"... but not at all costs. Sometimes the marriage does not work out. This is a sad fact regardless how unpleasant it may seem to some."

Manoel Bajada:
"Actually Gozo does not need an airstrip, airport or helicopter service - Gozo needs a physical link to the mainland be it a bridge or tunnel.  The time is now.  But in the absence of the said link, it is a big must for Gozo to have its airlink.  Experience now shows that a helicopter service is too costly to be sustainable, so the only option for not letting Gozo's economy deteriorate anymore or better to worsen at a lower pace,  is to have a fixed-wing airlink the soonest.  Build an airstrip now, and then remove it when the bridge is built (again this would be a cheaper option than a tunnel). We already have built and removed an airstrip in the war, so this is no big deal. They did it 60 + years ago.
Thanks for putting up this Gozo issue for debate."

Philip Bonanno:
(to the question whether the Gozo Heliport shall be transfered into an airstrip for small planes)
"No. Use a seaplane."

Mario Caruana:
"I think that an efficient and reasonably priced - even if subsidised - helicopter service should be enough."

Mark Cutajar:
"I believe that today's Prime Minister is the worst we've ever had."

Doris Sammut:
"I am not well informed as to what is happening. I support the fundamental issue that if they (irregualr immigrants) have broken the law and are illegal immigrants they should be treated as law breakers, and sent back as they have no right to be here. If I were to go to another country without a passport and enter illegally, I would be very lucky to escape jail, and be treated as nothing but a criminal."
Joining the EURO is the completion of what we started in 2004. There is no risk or threat, if we manage it well from our side. I would not leave a Maltese Lira in my coffer though. So in my opinion the more the Maltese citizens and businesses invest in foreign currency and activities, the better.  The risk is normal as in all ongoiong investments."

Ray Borg:
"...to adopt the Euro should be up to the people, with a referendum"

Albert Borg-Cardona:
"...the problem of illegal immigration will not be stopped by labelling people xenophobic, racist, stupid, or even by helping the illegal immigrants themselves.  And neither is feeding Africa billions of dollars yearly in aid going to do anything.  The only realistic way of stemming the flow of illegal immigration is by relentlessly catching the people making good money out of it.  I do not believe that given the current situation anything fruitful can be done for Africa herself - it is too much in the interest of certain groups that war prevails in Africa (Western governments = arms sales, NGO's make their money from situations like these, etc. etc.)"

Lino Attard:
"Tourism is failing because the Maltese people killed it.  Government is
sustaining the tourism industry through the taxes you and I pay but the Maltese
are stupid.  They have no civic pride and do not care to keep the county clean.
The hotels, catering establishments, taxis, busses and various shops including
the kiosks scattered all over the island are robbing the tourist.  Who wants to
come Malta under these conditions.  We killed the golden goose and with a big
toung in cheek blame the Minister for Tourism and the Government.
MHRA is creating a fuss because they claim Government is not doing enough to
attract tourists.  Why don't they invest to educate the people?  They had it
good for too long time. Now they expect Government to invest in tourism for
them to survive!  If they want to increase their business and profits by
bringing customers to their doors let them invest their own money in marketing."

Leli Pace:
"How about change of People in charge of Tourism."



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