Malta-Surveys is a new online forum to monitor Malta's mood related to politics, economy, society, sports and other fields which are of national interest and of the people's concern.

Every internet user will be given the opportunity to cast a vote in the various polls. Multiple votes by the same origin (IP) will be detected and deleted at the end of the poll. This minimises the error quota. Online polls can never be fully scientific and sound, a certain error has to be accepted. However, the results shown are not representative, but they show a tendency. Up to a point this tendency is real and matches with current streams in the population considering the density of internet connections and the increasing amount of people using the internet in Malta.

The editor wants to point out that the online polls on this site shall also be provoking and they shall animate people to think about the issues asked about.

It has to be said that this website is hosted by a German ISP and it was created with a German software. So various messages might be displayed in German.  Malta-Surveys.com apologises for this inconvenience.

As the name of this websites implies, it is all about Malta. So people who have a relation to Malta, whatever it is (be they of Maltese nationality, foreigners working in Malta, etc.), are more invited to participate than others who might have never even heard of Malta.

The more people participate the more significant the results can be.

So please feel free to tell everyone you know about this website!

Enjoy Malta-Surveys and GOOD VOTING!

Malta-Surveys | info@malta-surveys.com