Reaching 100,000 visitors (since beginning 2010)

The website will soon celebrate its 6th birthday. In March 2010 a counter was added. This counter will soon reach 100,000. This is what keeps us (the editors) going!
It is you who make this site a success! THANK YOU!

Defraud in December 2011's Election Poll

In December 2011 an extraordinary high amount of votes cast in the monthly election poll was registered. Deeper analysis of the multiple voters' IP addresses show a clear result. Most of the multiple votes were cast from IP addresses located in the Hamrun area.
www.malta-surveys.com uses software based devices to eliminate multiple votes.
Still we kindly ask you to cast your vote once only. You do not have to be afraid that your vote could be lost or is not being counted!
We just want to keep the results on this website as accurate and honest as possible. THANK YOU!

600th Online Poll

The month of December 2011 brings us and you the 600th online poll on www.malta-surveys.com!
This is it: Election Poll 12/2011

The entire team of www.malta-surveys.com would like to thank you for your participation in the online polls, but also and especially for your criticism.
It is your feedback that helps us to improve this side further! Keep it up!


Since especially the monthly Election Poll has become so popular amongst our website's visitors, the number of attempts to defraud (casting a vote multiple times in order to influence the result) has increased drastically.

Because of this the team of www.malta-surveys.com started a trial phase of different webtools eliminating multiple votes making use of the IP address that every voter leaves with his visit. One tool was identified to work with the best possible results and a performance of eliminating 98% of multiple votes. Since March 2010 this tool has been in use very successfully.


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